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Buying & selling cars

Nationwide Ongoing

Crimestoppers is advising people to be vigilant when buying and selling motor vehicles privately
Crimestoppers is supporting a call by An Garda Siochana for people to take care when buying and selling motor vehicles privately.
Location: Nationwide
Date: Ongoing
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A Garda Operation recorded 21 incidents of vehicles being purchased with fake bank drafts and sold on to unsuspecting purchasers for cash in 2013, and 20 similar incidents have been recorded so far in 2014. Gardaí are working closely with all of the online auction sites to counteract this type of illegal activity, and to provide advice to members of the public. A Crimestoppers spokesperson said: “If you are buying or selling a vehicle privately and come across an activity that appears to be illegal, please call Crimestoppers on 1800 25 00 25. Your call is anonymous and you may receive a reward for the information you provide. By calling Crimestoppers with information, you can help make the private selling and buying of motor vehicles safer for everyone”. According to Crimestoppers sponsor DoneDeal: “While the vast majority of people have a positive experience when buying and selling goods through classified advertising, there are occasions when buyers or sellers can be misled and taken advantage of. DoneDeal urges members of the public to read the advice issued by An Garda Siochana, as well as the safety guidelines issued on our website”.


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